For He has sent them into the world so that they might give witness by word and work to His voice and to make known to all that the Lord alone is God (TOR Rule, 29).

The friars of Third Order Regular, animated by the spirit of Franciscan joy and open to constant renewal, endeavor to spend all their energy in advancing the kingdom of God in the world. Our way of life provides a fraternity where we are nourished and strengthened so that we may go out and be of service to the Church. In imitation of our founder, we pray to be instruments of peace, pardon, and hope in a world yearning for the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are:

Hospital Chaplains

Retreat Directors


Educators & Campus Ministers

Saint Francis University

In 1847, nearly fifteen years before the start of the Civil War, Pittsburgh Bishop Michael O'Connor invited six Franciscan friars from Ireland to establish a school and gave them the land for this purpose. It was located in a forest near Loretto, Pennsylvania, where the friars labored to clear the land and then construct the foundations of what would one day become Saint Francis University.

Soon after its humble beginnings, Saint Francis University was recognized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and given the authority to grant educational degrees. Historically, the University ranks as one of the first Catholic Universities in the nation, the first Franciscan college in the country, and one of the first Catholic Universities to become co-educational in the United States.

The University's building program continued into the decade of the 1990s, bringing the campus to its present 23-structure expanse. The attractive 600-acre campus features nine residence halls, a student union, classroom and administrative buildings, an athletics center, dining hall, library and chapel. Christian Hall, a modern residence hall for 150 upperclass students, was completed in 1998.

The magnificent former Charles M. Schwab Estate and Gardens (now Mount Assisi Friary), Lake Saint Francis and Immergrun Golf Club further complement the Saint Francis Campus, making the setting ideal not only for focused learning, but tranquil living as well. Diverse cultural opportunities are available for students and area residents alike through the University's fine arts program and the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.

University of Steubenville

Franciscan University was born on December 10, 1946, a product of the optimism in the country that accompanied victory in World War II. Indeed, most members of the first class were veterans of the war and were making use of the GI Bill to pay for their education. The school in which the 258 students (including seven women) enrolled was known officially as the College of Steubenville, and its origins were distinctly humble. Bishop John King Mussio, recently installed in 1945 as the first bishop of Steubenville, decided that the time was right for a Catholic college in that region of Ohio.

In just over 60 years, Franciscan University of Steubenvlle has emerged as a leader in academically excellent and passionately Catholic education. By integrating faith and reason in the pursuit of truth and right living, the University has grown from a small facility serving local veterans of World War II to a beautiful hillside campus and an educational institution recognized nationally and internationally for its programs, faculty, and graduates

Parish Ministers


Holy Family Parish
Portage, PA
Fr. Thomas Stabile, TOR, pastor

Saint John Vianney Parish
Mundy's Corner, PA
Fr. Andrew Draper, TOR, pastor

Holy Family Church
Colver, PA
Fr. Christopher Lemme, TOR, pastor


Saint Joseph Church
Herndon, VA
Fr. Thomas Bourque, TOR, pastor
Fr. Rufino Corona, TOR, parochial vicar
Fr. David Dodd, TOR, Parochial vicar


Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church
Sarasota, FL
Fr. Joseph Connolly, TOR, pastor
Fr. Stan Holland, TOR, parochial vicar

Saint Patrick Church
Tampa, FL
Fr. Salvator Stefula, TOR, pastor 

Fr. Alberto Bueno, T.O.R., parochial vicar

Saint Mary of Our Lady of Grace Church
St. Petersburg, FL
Fr. Damian Amantia, TOR, pastor
Fr. Laurence Uhlman, TOR, parochial vicar


Good Shepherd Church
Colleyville, TX
Most Rev.  Michael Higgins, TOR, Administrator
Fr. John Mark Klaus, TOR, parochial vicar
Fr. Zachary Burns, TOR, parochial vicar

Saint Andrew Church
Forth Worth, TX
Fr. James Gigliotti, TOR, pastor
Fr. John Shanahan, TOR, parochial vicar

Saint Maria Goretti Church
Arlington, TX
Fr. James Angert, TOR, pastor
Fr. Michael Ciski, TOR, parochial vicar

Fr. James Angert