Serving The Community For More Than 100 Years

As friars of the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis and members of the Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus we vow ourselves to the challenge of living poverty, chastity and obedience in the presence of the Church. In this way, we further the work of Francis of Assisi who unreservedly followed the crucified and risen Christ and the Gospel of preaching repentance and conversion for the salvation of all.

New Postulant Class 2020

T.O.R. Postulant Class  From L-R:  Anthony Beltran, Matthew Crotteau, Matthew Bobby, Fr. Pat Whittle, T.O.R., Director of...

Fatima Devotions

The Franciscan Friars, T.O.R., from Loretto, invite you to participate with them in celebrating the last Fatima...

First Profession of Vows

September 12, 2020 Brother Matthew Aubin, T.O.R. made his first profession of vows of poverty, chastity and...

Prayer Intentions

We welcome your submissions for prayers during Lauds (Morning Prayer), Community Mass (Following Matins), Liturgy of the Hours (at the appropriate time), Community Recitation of the Rosary, and Vespers (Evening Prayer).

The Wild Goose is Loose!

The Wild Goose Project is a simple attempt to invite Catholic Christians into a more profound life giving relationship with the Holy Spirit. This is a relationship marked by the love of God which breathes life into our daily existence. The Holy Spirit is not merely something relegated to Confirmation but the Spirit desires a relationship with us that will take us on the greatest adventure imaginable; a journey to the very Heart of God. The Holy Spirit desires to be present to us in a manner that brings light out of darkness, freedom out of bondage, order out of chaos and life out of death.

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The good works of our Franciscan community are made possible in large part by generous benefactors.  You may make a financial gift to assist us in our ministry.  By clicking the donate button, you can make a charitable donation to support our friars.

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